Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Coco is Back on the Road, Selling Amazing New Cupcakes!

Coco's new park schedule for 2015 has just been released, and we can't wait to serve you all over town!  Here's a peek:

Tuesday: downtown at the Bank of Colorado at 421 N. Tejon, noon-2pm.

Wednesday: Tinseltown at E.Cheyenne Mountain Blvd, from noon-3pm

                    Widefield, roadside just East of Grinnell on Fontaine Blvd, from 3:30-sellout or darkout (We also have a tendency of visiting Widefield on Sundays!)

Thursday: JULY only, Briargate at the Pictures on the Promenade, from 6:30pm-movie time!

Friday: the intersection of Woodmen & Black Forest, from noon-3pm.

We have numerous other special events scheduled around town many weekends this summer, and we'll be sure to keep you posted! We'll also let you know here and on Twitter whenever these normal weekly stops are affected by weather or another event. Coco hopes to treat you with these award-winning cupcakes all summer long!!!

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