Our flavors rotate weekly, but there are some that sell so quick we always have them!

Regular Flavors Include:

Colorful Colorado Chocolate: Our rich chocolate cake topped with a layer of ganache and decadent chocolate buttercream, rolled in chocolate chunks. A chocolate lover's dream.

Snowblind Vanilla: A traditional vanilla cake topped with our dreamy vanilla buttercream frosting, rolled in a fun blend of colorful sprinkles. A favorite for the kids!

Red Rocks Red Velvet: Our perfected traditional southern Red Velvet cake, topped with delicious cream cheese frosting. Come see why this is our most popular cupcake!

The Peak: The Peak of flavors-our signature chocolate cake is topped with rich chocolate ganache and smooth cream cheese frosting. Rolled as blue as our Colorado skies!

Some of our Rotating Flavors:

Sunshine Lemon: A lovely lemon cake topped with a fresh lemon glaze and tangy lemon buttercream frosting. A very lovely, light cupcake.

Lemon Blueberry: A critically-acclaimed favorite, our freshly zested blueberry cake is topped with an all-natural lemon frosting.  Perfect for summer!

Root Beer Float:  This classic kid's favorite will be yours too!  A soda-infused cake is topped with happy memory - inducing root beer frosting.

S'more Please!: This cupcake, the fave of our Cupcake Wars - winning lead baker, will have you asking for more. Chocolate cake, marshmallow glaze, & graham cracker frosting.

Cookies & Cream: These kid's flavors are the favorites of many grown-ups too!  A moist chocolate cake is topped with sweet cookie frosting, rolled in cookie crumbs.

Sensational Strawberry: Another of our acclaimed fruity favorites, this perfectly natural strawberry cake is topped with our dreamy strawberry frosting.

Strawberry Margarita: While we're at it, give one of our Happy Hour treats a try sometime! Doc's summer favorite is our tequila-spiked strawberry cupcake.

Banana Cream Pie: Our banana cupcake and incredible banana frosting will make you a believer.  Perfect for summer parties!

Camo Coffee: Mocha lovers rejoice, our coffee-tinged chocolate cake and decadent espresso mousse frosting is here! Dedicated to our hard-working service members.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Mountain Majesty: Worthy of the name, this classic combination in cupcake form, rolled in toffee, is nothing short of majestic.

Peach Cobbler:  What a peach!  A fresh peach cupcake filled with cinnamon-kissed peach compote and topped with our incredible graham cracker frosting.

Fireman's Favorite:  One of the Doctor's classic flavors adapted for the Truck, much to your delight!  This chocolate cake is topped with ganache and our rock-star banana buttercream frosting.  Like a banana split in a cupcake...

Coconut Avalanche:  Folks in the Springs love them some coconut, so we have a moist coconut cake topped with coconut frosting and rolled in toasted coconut flakes.

Cinnamon Roll: For the breakfast flavor crowd, this dough-like cake is swirled with cinnamon, topped with a crunchy cinnamon glaze and espresso buttercream, then rolled in toasted walnuts.  Now that's the breakfast of champions!

That's Amore Amaretto:  Another of our popular Happy Hour selections, this spongy almond cake is topped with almond liqueur - spiked buttercream frosting.  Like tiramisu!

Turtle Sundae:  This one's a new favorite of the Truck fans- our chocolate cake is filled with a home-made roasted pecan caramel, topped with buttercream frosting, and rolled in toasted pecans.  Get this one quick, a fast sell-out!

Maple Bacon: Our bakery came up with this renovation at your request! Our pancake-y cake is baked with bacon, topped with a brown sugar-bacon glaze & maple buttercream.

We have many more flavors, courtesy of the creative folks working in our bakery.  If you ever have questions about a flavor at the truck but not listed here, check out our flavors page at www.thecupcakedoctor.com!

For the most current flavors and locations, follow us at:

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