Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Coco's hitting her stride!

Coco is getting this cupcake show on the road this summer!  With plates of cupcake offerings like these, who can say no:

Check out the updates to our flavor page for a quick summary of flavors!  We'll be cranking & alternating new ones all the time, so every Truck stop will bring you something new &delicious to try.

Did we mention that we'll be hitting new spots this year?  We're keeping some of the classic parks, like Tinseltown and Briargate&Voyager, but we've moved to Quality Inn on Wednesdays on Garden of the Gods, we're at the Bank of Colorado or the Antlers Hilton when we're downtown, and we're investigating a permanent park in Fountain too!

Stop by and say hi when we're in the area!  We'll "treat" you well...  :o)  We hope to post a more regular schedule soon, but Coco's a popular lady and she's always getting asked to appear in other places too!  We'll keep you in the loop with more frequent posts.

Almost forgot to let you know that Coco is being immortalized in web comic form!  Hope you guys enjoy, we'll post cartoons on the blog too.  Hope you like!

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