Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Hellooo Cupcake (and other tasty treat) fans! Boy, I hope you’re ready for this. We have quite the menu this week as we continue to have an absolute blast in our new, larger kitchen! But, before we get into the tantalizing details of that, let’s let you all know where we’re going to be rolling around!

Thursday: On Thursday, we’re trying something new. We always have such a great time over at Cottonwood Center for the Arts and then The Local crew stopped by to chat in the kitchen; one thing led to another, and we are going to be parked with them as they serve up an amazing lunch menu. We’ll be there to cover your sweet tooth! The window will be opening at 11:30 am and staying open until 2:30pm, or sellout.
After we wrap up at Cottonwood, we will restock and head up to Powers and Palmer Park, opening up shop at 5pm and staying open until 7pm, or sellout.

Friday: We will help you wrap your week up at Chef’s Catalog parking lot (Centennial off of Garden of the Gods). We are going to open at 12 noon and be there until 2:30, or sellout.
Friday Evening: TBA

Saturday: We will be going up North to Briargate! We will be parked in the small parking area at Voyager and Briargate.

The Menu is as follows:

Plain Jane
Big Fudge
Red Velvet
Luscious Lemon
Cinnamon Bun (new flavor)

Green Chili Apple (whaaaaaa?!?! That’s right. Green chili Apple pie)
Peach Blueberry

Other Goodies
Cap’n Crunchberry Bars
Cheesecake Marble Brownies

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